About Us

S.C. Plastomet S.A. ia a family company, owned by the family of Mr.Văduva who has 72% of the total shares of the company. The main shareholder is Mr. Ion Văduva, and the General Manager is his son Mr. Aurel Văduva.

We are located in Reșița, south-west side of Romania, at a distance of approximative 50 km from the highway which is going to the west border and at 100 km away from the nearest airport  Timișoara.

We are manufacturers of :

  • Metallic constructions
  • Equipment for cement factories
  • Equipment for pulp and paper factories
  • Equipment for mining industry
  • Metallic structures
  • Welded assemblies for the contruction and repairs of railway wagons
  • Welded assemblies for different applications and industries
  • Machined parts
  • Rubber and metallic-rubber vulcanized items

All the items which we manufacture are fabricated according to the technical documentation and manufacturing instructions we receive from the beneficiars. More than 95% of our production is beeing exported and we are happy to say that along with our clients, we have participated in the construction of important projects arround the world. In 2016 we have manufactured equipment for the biggest cement factory from South-East Asia – Xuan Thanh and in the same year we have manufactured equipment for the first Next Generation Bioproduct Mill built in Aanekoski.